Black & Natural Glam Clutch
Black & Natural Glam Clutch
Black & Natural Glam Clutch
Black & Natural Glam Clutch

Black & Natural Glam Clutch

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$ 130.00 AUD
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"The quality of this clutch is amazing! It’s beautifully made with all eco-friendly, vegan materials! It has a great luxurious feel to it! The clutch holds a good amount of things, and because it’s handmade it has really nice details that set it apart from other brands! Beyond happy with my clutch!"

"I love this clutch! Great quality and when I use it I’ve gotten lots of compliments. I highly recommend this product!"

Make a statement this party season with this cruelty-free vegan cork glam clutch. Perfect for any kinds of events.

  • Handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia
  • Solid metal hardware
  • Made from premium vegan cork fabric 
  • Stain and water resistant
  • Dust, dirt, and grease repellent
  • 12” wide at top x 10”tall x 5” deep
  • Comes with a dust bag and a large box
  • Free shipping to Australia and New Zealand
  • Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

Our mission here is to provide you with a premium quality handbag which is long-lasting and which makes a positive impact on community and the environment. Here's a breakdown of our price.

1. Labor

You see, we handcraft our bags right here in Melbourne. We don't source our labor work from other countries where we could get the bags made at literally 10% of what it costs to make them here. 

We follow the Australian minimum wage criteria when pricing the bags so that everyone is paid fairly based on the law and ethics.

2. Raw Materials

Secondly, we did not start this venture with a "get rich real quick" mindset. 

We're here to grow together with the community. Which is why we try to source most of our supplies from local sellers who are mostly women running their small businesses. Buying local incurs extra charges in terms of delivery and taxes which adds up to the pricing of our bags.

3. Premium Materials

Cork is an expensive fabric and we use the highest quality Portuguese cork for our bags to make them long-lasting. This also applies to all our hardware and other materials used in the bags. So, when you invest in our bags, you get the same quality as you would get from the other established designer brands out there BUT at a fraction of price because we keep our profit margin fairly low.

4. Five Year Guarantee

All our bags come with a five-year guarantee - which is among the highest in the industry. Meaning if you break any strap, or lose a stud, or your seam comes off, we will repair it for you completely FREE of charge, shipping covered!

By investing in our bags, you're not only getting a high-quality product but you're also supporting several other Australian women running small businesses trying to support their families.

Plus, you help us in planting trees because we donate 1% of your purchase to the rainforest rescue program. I know that doesn't sound a lot but when combined together with all the purchases, it makes a HUGE difference. Every single penny counts.




We also donate 1% of all the purchases to Rainforest Rescue program.