5 Ways to Switch to Eco-Friendly Fashion

Eco-friendly fashion has become an extremely important concept in today's era. With the rise in population and waste, it's important that we make responsible choices for a better future especially when it comes to fashion. 

In this article, I'm sharing some of the easy ways to switch to eco-friendly fashion.


Eco-friendly fashion is a need for the current proverbial hour. It came about when people finally started to realize what consumerism was doing to the environment, especially in the fashion industry.

Eco-fashion practices allow us as consumers to have some control over how we give back to our environment. The current fast fashion trends have had adverse effects on our natural environment as well as the socio-economic situation of third-world countries that are exploited for the cheap labor they provide to big fashion conglomerates. We are already reaping the consequences of our materialistic tendencies in the form of global warming and increasing numbers of human rights violations by fashion corporations all over the world.

While the bulk of the responsibility to fix these issues lies on these corporations’ shoulders, as consumers of these goods, we have an equal responsibility to hold these corporations to a higher standard and demand transparency and better conditions for their workers, as well as focusing on environment-friendly alternatives to their current sources and processes, which harm not only the environment, but the well-being of their employees, if past incidents are any indication.



It can be overwhelming to think about changing up everything in your wardrobe when you realize how un-eco-friendly your wardrobe has been. This can lead to confusion about how to make the switch from your current shopping style to a more environment-friendly one. There are also the companies that greenwash their products, which means that they allude to their products being more environmental-friendly than they are.

Despite all of these hindrances, due to the easy access to knowledge and the power of the internet, the tools you need to really make a change in your wardrobe and overall lifestyle towards being more environment-friendly are easily available. You just have to know where to start and that is where this article comes in.

I am writing this to help you make a smooth transition towards embracing the green life. Here are 5 ways you can switch to eco-fashion without breaking the bank, or buying a closetful of new clothes.



We’ve all been told by cool, edgy bloggers and seen on boho-chic college kids how good thrifted clothes can actually look. Thrifting is not only a very good way to conserve the environment (to a degree), but also good if you shop on a budget, which most of us do. Thrifting has long been looked down as cheap and consequently useless if you’re looking for anything wearable, but that’s not the case anymore. Due to the rising popularity of the eco-fashion movement, thrifting has become an increasingly favored shopping practice. Thrifting can be a fun challenge, and if you know the drift, then you can walk home with some serious steals for the best prices. Not only is it good for the environment, but it can also elevate your style with the unique pieces you add to your wardrobe.


Sharing clothes may not seem like the most brilliant or unique suggestion on this list, but look around you and you will see how you actually don’t utilize this method of maintaining a fresh wardrobe without breaking the bank or hurting the environment. If you know anyone with similar sizes or anyone who shares your taste, make sure to ask them if they’d like some of the things you’ve outgrown or gotten bored of before donating them to charity, and definitely don’t be hesitant to suggest they do the same if you’re close with them. This will not only help you buy less but also strengthen your friendship, so you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone. And accessories like purses and jewelry are not even limited by sizes, which makes it easier to hand them over to someone who’ll appreciate them just like you do.


This is the ultimate option if you want to really make a difference and go eco-friendly with your fashion choices. Buying less means that fewer materials are used to make the items and less plastic is used for the packaging of those clothes and less harmful chemicals are used in the creation of the piece, not even including all the fossil fuels that are used. Not to be morbid, but each piece we buy goes through all these processes. Simply buying less won’t eliminate the problem either, so buy from authentic environment-friendly companies that are transparent about their resources and processes. Make sure you buy pieces that speak to you, and that you will not tire of easily. Treat each piece as an investment, and respect your clothing by treating it well.


A lot of the time, we give away our clothes due to a minor, and easily repairable issues, like a broken button or a loose seam. It may seem as if those clothes are of no use now, but a little can go a long way when it comes to mending clothes. You can use buttons from a shirt you’ve outgrown on one that you love to liven it up or send it to a local mender to fix bigger issues.


Choosing where to spend your money is just one part of the solution. While it may affect the big companies, the effect may be nothing more than a ripple in a pond that settles down after a second if there are not enough people taking part in the eco-friendly fashion movement.

The way to create a long-lasting ripple in the pond that is the fashion industry is by creating a conversation around the subject. Inform people about the plight of the underpaid, overworked workers that create their beloved pieces or how fast fashion affects the environment. Be vocal about why you are part of this movement, and call out the culprits who are exploiting people’s passion for the environment by greenwashing their products. Go to rallies, sign petitions, talk to your friends and family. Do anything that can help bring change.


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