5 Benefits of Sustainable Fashion

In this post, I'm sharing 5 benefits of sustainable fashion. Also, included are some sustainable fashion facts, and details on what is sustainable fashion.

As an environmental advocate, it really hurts my feelings when I hear about all the disasters caused by the fashion industry. For example, the crazy amount of energy that goes into producing toxin-rich clothes, the unnecessary pile of clothes that end up in the landfills, the waste created by all the production etc. These are some of the things that keep me awake at night. 

The best way to tackle this problem is by raising awareness. Therefore, in this post, I'm sharing everything you need to know about sustainable fashion and its benefits. Let's begin!

 5 benefits of sustainable fashion eco friendly fashion ethical fashion



You have probably heard of the term eco-fashion/sustainable fashion being used here and there recently, owing to its rising popularity. Eco-fashion, also known as ethical fashion is a movement and philosophy whose goal is to create fashion that is essentially ‘ethical’. It refers to practices that are in equal measure helpful to the environment and to society as well as the consumers, while still keeping the focus on profits and traditional business goals. Eco-fashion can be seen as an anti-thesis to fast fashion trends which survive and thrive on the basis of fast consumption.

This movement came about in the 1940s as a side effect of the rationing policies of WW2. After that, the movement gained momentum in the 1980s and 1990s when popular and mainstream companies introduced the term into their brand philosophies, and launch eco-friendly collections. Since then, the movement has stayed in the public domain.

Now, as consumers become more aware of the harmful impacts of the fashion industry to the environment and towards many cases of human rights violations, the movement has been a call to change some of those literally toxic patterns and bring about some positive change in the industry. This philosophy encourages consumers to treat their possessions with respect and value.

Many brands and companies use recycled and repurposed materials, while many focus on ethical treatment of their employees and practice complete transparency of their procedures and policies.




While there is no way to be completely waste-free while producing fashion goods, the main goal of eco-fashion/ethical fashion brands and designers is to keep the damage to a minimum.

The most common ways in which companies and designers apply eco-fashion philosophies to their production falls under three main groups. Ideally, a company/designer should incorporate all three into their business model but usually only one or two occur. Each of these represents a different branch of the philosophies of the eco-fashion movement. 

  1. Slow fashion
  2. Environment-friendly fashion
  3. Fair-trade fashion (referring to the treatment of employees)


The eco-fashion movement is the amalgamation of these philosophies and practices.




Now that you are up-to-date with eco-fashion and its social value, it is time to help you make the big leap towards embracing the slow fashion life in full force. In case you need a little more convincing, here are five reasons you should definitely choose eco-fashion.




Most eco-fashion brands try to incorporate recycled or repurposed material in their production cycle, and with as little chemical waste as possible. They also use organic fibers to help reduce the harmful and expensive processes used in making artificial fibers.

They encourage their buyers to view their clothing as something of value instead of considering it as just another piece of clothing in their wardrobes. This helps in creating a culture where you buy less and still have everything you need. I’m sure this is something we can all get behind. After all, quality over quantity.




When you buy from companies who treat their employees with respect and pay them fair wages, you send a message to the big fast-fashion corporations that they need to change their ways too. You need to use your rights as a consumer to hold these companies accountable for their mistreatment and human rights violations.

Thousands of cases of child labor and sub-par working conditions and wages have been registered against fashion companies in the last decade without much real change due to their influence and the deaf ears of the consumers who buy from these places. You should be mindful of what you are supporting.




There was a time when ethical fashion was synonymous with dull, boring designs that were all work and no play, but due to recent revolutions in the fashion world, more and more designers and companies are embracing this philosophy and helping make better, more wearable designs that can appeal to a larger audience, while at the same time being eco-friendly.

If you only need one reason for choosing eco-fashion, let it be this one. A lot of eco-fashion companies also produce made-to-order pieces with personalized sizes, ensuring a better fit and look that is just so you.

You may be thinking about the expensive eco-brands you’ve seen advertised on Instagram and thinking that there’s no way that an average person can afford them, but there are a lot of brands such as PACT and thredUP that provide ethical fashion for you without breaking your bank account.




The whole point of the eco-fashion movement is that there be less consumption overall, thus making each piece more environment-friendly in more than one way. These clothes and accessories are produced with this philosophy in mind, made with sturdier and longer lasting materials. This ensures that each piece will have a longer wear life, and also give you the value for your money. These pieces can be seen as an investment into your look, and help you craft a better, more thoughtful wardrobe.




Most clothes are made from treated and artificial fibers, and they’re usually dyed and treated with a multitude of toxic chemical compounds before they reach the consumers, making them both a risk to the environment as well as the consumer’s health. In fact, there have been a lot of cases in which factory workers were injured due to working in close proximity to these chemicals. A lot of people are also allergic to some of these materials or finishes on clothes. Using natural, plant-based dyes and organic finishes on clothes make sure that all the goals of ethical fashion are fulfilled, while at the same time ensuring your safety.


These were the five benefits of switching to sustainable and ethical fashion and also the values on which Sassy Eco Totes stands.


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